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Alpi Service comes from a familiar tradition in the field of road transport. Bartolomeo Merlo was a professional ‘’carter’’decorated with the dignity of Cavaliere di Vittorio Veneto, after having fought during the Great War and having later faced the bad period after the second world war, succeeded in founding Merlo Autotrasporti on 1950.

This familiar company didn’t move its first steps starting from nothing, but on the basis of its experience of goods transportation and works on the roads. In fact the father Costanzo Merlo and the grand father Giovanni Merlo, both ‘’carters’’ since 1800 were dealing with goods transportation and activity of roads cleaning by carts drived by horses, and persons carried in coaches, functioning as ancestors of our modern buses. Bartolomeo Merlo followed his father’s and grandfather’s traces The sons are relating their trips by ‘’tumbarei’’, carts moved by horses crossing the old bridge or the road built on the Stura riverbed to move from Basse di Stura and Basse saint Anne as the actual Soleri viaduct was not yet existing.

Having started the activity on tyres, the sons are taking care in the first moment of inland transports, then to international ones. After a period of common activity, Merlo Autotrasporti was divided into three sectors, following the inland, international and local movements unified with the national service by lorry. At the end of the years 60 the enterprise is showing: Michele Merlo taking care of the national sector and the relations with Switzerland as well as Achille Merlo is intensifying connections with abroad and especially with France. The two brothers have at the end retired for reached age limits.

Thousands of kilometres, the endless relations all over Europe left a mark of dynamism and spirit of initiative The relay among generations lasting by almost two centuries, the ancient tradition of Merlo’s family goes on through the third millenium in a renewd form and the same care.

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